Holiday Gifts For Kids

Holiday Gifts For Kids

Gift giving is a wonderful experience, particularly when children are involved. Unlike gifts given to adults, gifts for children have the ability to impact their lives in a much deeper way. The toys and games that children use in their daily lives help to educate them and also develop their senses. With this in mind, there are many types of gifts that will enrich as well as entertain.

Natural Toys

Consider investigating toys made from natural materials like wood, cotton or other natural fibers. Natural materials provide a more tactile experience which promotes sensory development particularly in infants and toddlers. Natural toys are also generally better for the environment as they are more likely to be biodegradable or made from a renewable resource. Many are very safe for children as well as they are not made with potentially toxic materials.

Educational Kids Gifts

Children at all ages love to learn and toys that can combine fun and education are sure to be a hit. Be sure to investigate toys in the right development stage. Toys that are too advanced are likely to be more frustrating than enjoyable. Conversely toys that are at younger developmental stage will be boring to an older child. Some of the best educational toys combine imagination and hand eye coordination. Toys like blocks, stacking rings and other “simple” toys can be more valuable from an educational standpoint than toys with flashing lights and music.

Functional Kids Gifts

Children’s watches can be a great gift. Children’s watches help them understand the concept of time and gadgetry of any kind appeals to most children. Depending on the age of the child you can find children’s watches that are branded with favorite cartoon characters. You can even purchase potty training watches which will sound an alarm at a predetermined amount of time to remind the child to visit the restroom.

Clothes also make a functional gift for kids, even more so when you purchase clothing that is special in some way but that can still be worn on a daily basis. If you have son or grandson who loves cowboys consider the purchase of a pair of genuine leather cowboy boots sized to feet small feet. Or for a daughter or granddaughter who loves dance, what about a pair of hand knit leggings?

Gifts of Experience

Nothing can impact a child’s life more than time spent with a loved one. Instead of an item, why not give a gift of time and experience? Memories last forever and there is something magical about spending a day with a youngster at the zoo or aquarium. Children’s museums, petting zoos and even the local park are great destinations. Bring a camera, a few snacks and a thirst for adventure and you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time that you’ll remember forever.

By taking a bit of time to think about what kind of gift will fundamentally impact a child in your life, you’re more likely to make a purchase that will make a lasting impression. We all remember those special toys and experiences of our childhood – with a bit of forethought your gift can become a treasured favorite for the youngster in your life.