Go For Organic Cotton Clothes

Go For Organic Cotton Clothes

All of us like to dress smartly. No wonder, we devote so much time in selecting the best of clothing. But, does your choice of clothing do any good to the environment? Maybe not! Now, you could dress smart and that too in an eco friendly manner with organic cotton clothes.

The regular cotton shirt you wear is made from cotton that is grown in farms. These farms contain large amount of pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals. When this cotton is brought into factories, it’s treated with various other chemicals for further manufacturing process. Whereas, organic cotton is produced in more natural conditions using very less chemicals. It is more eco-friendly. Therefore, choosing organic clothes over the others is a worthwhile option.

There’re a number of benefits of using organic cotton clothing. First of all, it protects the eco system. Use of pesticides poisons the soil, air and water, thereby causing serious damage to the eco system. Organic cotton, on the contrary, uses natural means to manage pests and rodents. It makes use of secondary crops that reduces the dependence on harmful pesticides.

Using organic cotton also helps to boost the quality of food we eat. In conventional cotton farms the farmer sprays numerous chemicals and pesticides. These chemicals get soaked in the soil. This soil is later used to grow vegetables and fruits we consume. Also, the animals we use for milk and meat are fed on these crops. So, we take a massive quantity of pesticides directly or indirectly.

Over the time these pesticides show their harmful effects on several parts of our body. It ranges from mild problems like acne to the more severe ones like kidney dysfunction. In case you’re dealing with any type of acne problems, you could try Clearpores Skin Cleansing System.

Another benefit of using organic cotton clothes is that it may cut down the risk of allergies through chemicals. Your skin soaks up many toxic substances and residue from your clothing, which can lead to in skin allergies. Nevertheless, organic clothing doesn’t contain any chemical residue. This makes it effective for people dealing with body acne. It won’t aggravate your skin and prevent the problem from aggravating further. Nevertheless, for complete treatment, consider trying the Clearpores Body System.

Now you’ve good enough reasons to fill your wardrobe with organic cotton clothes. Try the trendy organic cotton yoga t shirts and pants, tunics and the like. Now, support the environment by dressing up the eco friendly way.