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A Guide to Promotional Umbrellas

A Guide to Promotional Umbrellas

As a promotional item umbrellas are an excellent choice. Being both useful and relatively inexpensive branded umbrellas are an excellent way to advertise your business and products. If you do decide to use promotional umbrellas you have a great deal of choice over what style, colour and size of umbrella you choose.

Using umbrellas as promotional items means creating a bespoke design that includes your company or brand logo. Clearly if you are using umbrellas as a marketing tool you need to choose a design that is likely to appeal to potential customers. So that as many people as possible see your logo and that you maximise the effectiveness of your promotion you need to ensure that the umbrellas to be as widely used as possible. 

Generally umbrellas fit into two broad categories – large golf style one and smaller folding types. Which size you choose may depend on your target audience and who the recipients of the umbrellas will be. Being small enough to fit into rucksacks and handbags, folding umbrellas are convenient and tend to be used by commuters and shoppers. This ease of use means they are very popular and make a good way to advertise your brand. That’s not to say that you have to choose folding umbrellas.  Although some people find golf umbrellas too large for everyday use their large canopy makes this style of umbrella a great way to advertise your brand.

Whatever style of umbrella you choose it is important that your business logo is placed in a way that will generate maximum attention. Generally having a good contrast of colours such as white on black or red on blue is the most effective way to display your logo.