What to Do If You Hate Ironing

What to Do If You Hate Ironing

Everyone hates ironing. As long as there have been wrinkled clothes, there have been a hate for the iron. It takes too long, and it seems like a time waster, since you will probably just have to do it again next week. So what can you do, if it seems like all your do on the weekends is iron? Follow our shortcuts to help you save some time and even enjoy keeping your clothes wrinkle free.

One of the most obvious ways is to hang your clothes properly in the first place. This is especially true for bed sheets and larger items. By hanging your clothes and keeping them flat on a line, then you will reduce the amount of ironing needed very quickly. Using fabric softener will often help to keep your fabrics soft and wrinkle free.

If you have many clothes such as shirts or dresses, then try leaving them hung in the shower with the hot water on, thus creating steam around the clothes. You will be surprised at how much wrinkles will be removed from your clothes after 10 minutes. Note that this may not be effective for heavy wrinkle such as those in jeans. For jeans, you will have to spend the money and get a steam presser, which will press your jeans with just one simple action. There are no shortcuts here.

Steam pressing shirts can be a little more of a challenge. Without the right technique it can be very tricky to get the shirts pressed correctly in one area without reintroducing wrinkles in another area. With practise, eventually you will be able to get around it, but not after the same effort as using a normal iron to start with. If your budget permits, then invest in a condenser dryer with iron aid. This device will operate similar to a normal clothes dryer, but it will condense the hot air, and convert the water back into steam, which is then shot back into the clothes in the final cycle of drying. This in effect removed the wrinkles from your clothes. It is the best option, and is great to lazy people who are too lazy to even hang their clothes out on the line.

Finally, there is the obvious option, which is to simply buy clothes which people expect to see wrinkly anyway. Wrinkle free shirts are terrible and look terrible, so they are best avoided. However, clothes such as cargo pants are great, since they look good, are fashionable, and people expect them to be wrinkly to start with. As for shirts, get something with a light fabric so there is less change of heavy wrinkling.