Used Baby Clothes – What To Do With It

Used Baby Clothes – What To Do With It

Babies grow very fast – that is already a proven fact. And because of this rapid growth, the cute baby clothes that you love to see him on would not fit after a month or two. The clothes that you receive as gifts from your friends would make him look like a sausage.

Clothes for babies are easy to buy. They are also easy to wrap and give as gifts for new parents. They are good gifts not only because babies look good in them, but they also serve a mighty good purpose for the baby as well as the new parents trying to save on the much more immediate needs of the child. As such, it is but natural to have so many of them. But, most often than not, parents are having trouble as they are unable to use the clothes after some time because the baby have outgrown them. The question now is what to do with them.

First and foremost, since baby clothes are not so worn out when they get too small to be used, they can be given to your relatives or friends who are expecting a baby. It could also come in handy for those who wouldn’t mind receiving hand-me-downs from you. You could also fold them neatly and pack them in a clean plastic for clothes and keep them in the attic. Later on, when another child comes, you can always open up these packed clothes and use them again, thus, saving additional expenses on baby clothes.

If the children have all grown up and you don’t know anyone who can use these clothes in the future, you can put them in a box and donate them to a charitable institution or a hospital for kids that utilize clothes for babies.

You could also combine them with other old clothes that you or your children have, or the other members of the household for that matter, and put up a garage sale. If the clothes are still in good condition and they are still usable, many would find it worth buying and you will have a better return for your money.

Some materials that are not too absorbent, like the embellishments on the clothes, can be used for art materials and handicrafts. Some of them can also be used for patchwork if you know one who is good at it.

On the other hand, clothes that are all worn out due to storage stains that had been impossible to remove can be used as dust cloth. The soft material that baby clothes have is great for cleaning furniture. In addition, the family car which is one of the highly valuable assets of the family will also benefit from the cotton wash cloth from a worn out baby cloth.

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