Things You Should Know About Concealed Carry Leggings

Concealed carry leggings are not the same as standard leggings. They are designed to hide a handgun while wearing them. You need to consider several features when buying a pair of conceament leggings.

Gun retention

There are several ways to secure your gun in concealment leggings. Use a simple holster or an elastic retention strap. The holster should be made to grab the fabric of the leggings. Two examples are the UltiClip and Fabriclip. You can also wear a holster like the Raven Concealment Vanguard, crafted from a soft and versatile fabric.

Unlike pocket holsters, gun retention with concealment leggings can also be achieved with a kydex holster. This type of holster completely covers the gun’s trigger, reducing the chance of the weapon being accidentally engaged. There are other options for handguns that aren’t compatible with Kydex holsters, such as removable ones.

Fabric options

When purchasing concealment leggings, consider the type of fabric you want. Many concealment leggings are made of athletic fabric, which wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. This type of fabric is often comfortable and easy to clean.

Another type of fabric used in concealment leggings is nylon. While this fabric is not as comfortable as some other fabrics, it is very breathable and comfortable. Fabric blends ranging from polyester to spandex are also available.

Retention test

A retention test is crucial for concealment leggings to ensure they are comfortable and practical. The test involves placing a gun in the holster and performing everyday movements. If the leggings fail the test, they won’t be effective in real-life scenarios.

The retention test is the most crucial factor when evaluating concealment leggings.

While a gun is often the primary defensive tool, legging with ample pocket space is also helpful for carrying other items. Knives, tourniquets, pepper spray, and flashlights can all be concealed within the leggings.

Draw and reholster test

Performing the draw and reholster test on concealment leggings is essential in determining their ability to keep your concealed firearm safely within reach. It involves using a blue gun and reholstering it after it has been drawn. You want a legging that doesn’t make you uncomfortable while performing these actions. You also want one that can easily be concealed in various outfits.

It would be best if you also considered the retention of the holster. Some leggings are more supportive than others, so you may find it challenging to carry a heavier firearm in them. Besides a gun, leggings are also suitable for carrying other things like pepper spray, knives, flashlights, tourniquets, and other safety gear. A good pair of leggings should have ample pockets to hold these items.

Tall-size shirts aid in concealment

If you want to improve your concealment skills, buying a tall-size shirt can help. These shirts are longer in the hem and sleeves, which aids in concealment while standing, bending over, and sitting. They also have a longer hem, which means you can wear them longer if you want.