How Accessories Can Change Your Look

How Accessories Can Change Your Look

Why is it important to pay special attention to your accessories if you want to look stylish? Well, accessories give you a lot of scope for expressing yourself. Let us take the example of a formal dress. A man will wear a shirt and a pant while a lady will wear a formal business suit. Apart from the colors, there is very little scope for experimentation.

The design of the shirt and the trouser is well determined and that cannot be changed. The same is true for the business suit as well. However, wearing a golden watch will make you look rich. On the other hand, wearing a stylish and subdued black color watch is only going to make you look classier. Going in for an informal watch is going to add a bit of contrast to your appearance.

You can go in for leather shoes or can go in for shoes made of cloth. You can wear socks of the same color as that of your pants or you can go in for different colored socks. The lady can go in for an understated appearance by skipping jewelry or wearing minimal jewelry.

Or, she can opt for matching earrings, shoes, bracelets and necklaces. Or, she can go in for contrasting jewelry. From the choice of material to be used in the shoes to the material used in bracelets – there is unlimited scope for experimentation. In such a scenario, is it not obvious that choosing your accessories wisely will help you alter your appearance as you wish?

If you simply loosen your tie and drop your coat and go in for a digital watch with bright colors, you can automatically look like a person who has done a hard days work and now is in mood for some fun and enjoyment. The ancient rule is that clothes make the man. Well, the modern rule is that fashion accessories make the clothes.

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