Guide To Children’s Fashions 2010/2011

Guide To Children’s Fashions 2010/2011

We all know that the most important quality our children’s clothes should have at this time of year is warmth and comfort, but why not include ‘trendy’ in the mix too? These days children can be quite fashion conscious and an up-to-date wardrobe can really boost confidence and help them to fit in with their peers. We have taken a look at this season’s favourite children’s fashions and we are pleased at what we see!

Jumpers and cardigans. For both girls and boys, trends are really comfort focused right now and items like chunky knitted cardigans and sweaters are not only on trend but also a favourite with mums and dads.

Coats and jackets. Coat and jacket fashions include military style jackets (in various materials including wool), parkers and duffle coats. What more could we ask for?

Accessories. Items such as hats, gloves and scarves are all available for children in bright cheerful colours, or ‘go with everything’ neutrals. For hats think faux fur deer stalkers or woollen beanies. Fingerless gloves are in fashion this year but so are mittens, providing a warmer alternative. Scarves may be traditional or in the ‘snood’ circular style that make them less likely to get lost on your child’s first outing.

Trousers. Jeans and corduroys are popular in straight leg styles for both boys and girls and provide comfortable and practical leg wear during the colder months. In the snow your children will be more than happy to wear some of the trendy salopette style ‘surf’ trousers that can be found in specialist shops if you are able to spend a little more.

Tweed. Tweed comes in blazers, skirts and trousers for children and again provides a practical and on trend option.

Boots. For both boys and girls there are some great lace up boots around. We would recommend avoiding a suede finish as they are less hard wearing and waterproof than leather style man made uppers. Wellies are no longer limited to uninspiring green or black, so encourage your child to wear theirs by letting them choose a favourite colour or design.

Girls. Woollen tights or leggings paired with a tunic top provide a gorgeous look for girls this year. Tunics can be found in a range of styles from sumptuous velvet to comfy casual jersey fabrics. Brightly coloured macs are also widely available and will provide lightweight protection from the rain all year round.

Boys. Stripey long sleeved t-shirts can be found in a range of colours and look great layered with jeans on both boys and girls. Checked shirts are also big news for boys this year and look fantastic under blazers.