Friendship Gifts – Being There

Friendship Gifts – Being There

The friends we love the most are often the ones we rarely get to see. When we make friends at High School or when we first start out in our careers, we are drawn to those special friends that are on the same page when it comes to life; love; special interests and certain values we share. We leave town and find other interests and somehow those special friends, although no less precious, fade into the background and become shadows of our past lives. How awful is that…!

Send a good friend a special gift that forges that connection that is so important. Friendship gifts need not be expensive and gifts that connect with the earth need not cost the earth…

Friends and acquaintances that drift in and out of our lives touch us in a special way. We have friends that are really just a connection with our children; friends that come to dinner and go to the movies with us; friends that are work colleagues and friends that are treasured confidantes. Best friends are the most precious – they stay with us through thick and thin and know where the bodies are buried!! They keep our darkest and our lightest secrets and hold our chins above the water when we are unhappy.

Friendship gifts for such friends are hard to find, simply because the gift itself is so important. We want something to symbolize friendship and something that may be kept forever; something that will not be consigned to the waste bin within a week; something that will not die; something that may be held in the hand and looked at; unique; perfectly natural and touchable.

Those special friends might be apart for weeks, months or years. Sometimes, special friends will be separated for twenty or thirty years but when they finally hook up again, the years fall away and that special bond is remembered – always there – always constant. And the talk and laughter continues far into the night as old friends catch up with lives that have run in parallel yet apart.

Friendship jewelry and natural stones can make terrific friendship gifts for friends who are apart. That reminder to stay positive when the World is being ‘not as kind as it could be’ can make your friend’s day change for the better and bring you closer in a friendship that means the World.

What do you give a friend that means so much? A solid gift is what is needed, and one that may be kept in a pocket or purse or within reach on a desk top. Friendship gifts for special friends can be a natural stone necklace or a shared gift of natural stones – one for you and one for me…

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