Fashion Trends: Duffle Coats For Cold Weather

Fashion Trends: Duffle Coats For Cold Weather

If you like to keep up with the latest fashion trends and want to turn heads with your unique winter style, then duffle coats can be the perfect choice for you. Warm enough to shield you against the coldest of weathers and stylish enough to up the glam quotients for women’s clothing – in these coats, you have the rare combination of style and sensibility! They offer pretty much versatility in the sense that they go well with almost any kind of women’s apparel – be it formal, or casual clothing for women.

Go Big – On Buttons, Collars

Perhaps the first thing that catches your fancy for duffle coats, are their buttons, embroidered button holes, and big, dressy collars – after all, who doesn’t know, women’s clothing is so much about looks! Go for big show buttons on your duffle coats – the almost simple silhouette demands some extra pizzazz – let it be in the form of buttons! If the coat is of a muted shade, the buttons can be of calculate flash loan profit brighter hues to make it look even more interesting. Some come with fabulous button hole embroidery patterns – pick up one that suits your style for women’s casual clothing! Collars are usually big and heavy – this comes as natural part of the cut. You can zero on the one that almost instantly catches your fancy.

Go Bold – With Colors

Winter is the time when you can play and experiment with colors for women’s apparel and with duffle coats – you can make it all the more fun! If you are wearing any of those women’s dresses or chic tops in bright colors with long hemline, you can choose your duffle coat to be of a muted tone – off-white, cr?�me color, or silver grey. Or, you can go for a blood red one or a purple one and match it with a pair of boots in black. With wholesale clothing stores stocking up on high fashion brands these days, finding the right one will be easy!