5 Popular Golf Gifts to Take Away the Winter Blues

5 Popular Golf Gifts to Take Away the Winter Blues

It’s a sad time of year in the Southern Hemisphere for all golfers. The weather is beginning to turn, the leaves are starting to fall, and the rain is threatening to keep us all locked indoors. Or at least it would seem that drastic to golfers! You see, the start of winter means less days to pursue the golf addiction – uh, I mean, hobby. Sure there are plenty of sunny days in winter, but it’s so much harder to plan the perfect golfing day.

So what can YOU do to chase away those winter blues? I mean, for the golfer, not being able to be on the greens can be quite tragic. Don’t be concerned, though – there is hope! Just because he’s not able to go driving, doesn’t mean he can’t be dreaming of his hobby in a fun manner. And you can help him!

There are so many gizmos and gadgets out there these days that will help your golfer pursue his hobby even in the most inclement weather conditions.

1. Remote Control Gifts: Really? Yes, there really are remote control products for golfers. Sure he may not be walking the greens, but he can at least drive his remote control golf car buggy around! It’s good for a laugh, and his golfing buddies will love it.

2. Golf Gizmos and Gadgets: If you know where to look, there are plenty of indoor golf games. Whether he works madly to get the golf ball on top of the tee in the Teed Off game or practices his chip shot on the office desk with the chip shotz golfer, he’ll be set for practicing his game even out of golf season.

3. Golf Desk Accessories: He may not want to be at his office – he’d much prefer to be on the greens – but he can still dream about his favourite sport. You can help him by gifting him with golf gifts he’ll appreciate – and that are personal. There are golf bag pencil holders, golf photo frames, and even golf bag pencil sharpeners. If he’s got an office job, this would be a sure way to win brownie points with the golfer in your life.

4. Keyrings: Golf gifts don’t have to be big. In fact, some of the best gifts are small ones. As with any sport or hobby, there is always the good ol’ keyring standby. Each time he fumbles around in his pocket he’ll be reminded of you and his game of golf.

5. Joke Gifts: Golf gifts really don’t have to be serious – in fact, some of the best golf gifts are prank gifts. If he’s got a sense of humour, he’ll love the fact that you bothered to get him something he loved. There are so many ideas in this category. Exploding golf balls, the potty putter (this miniature golf set replaces the need for magazines in the toilet room!), and the frustratingly hilarious gadget that pops your ball back out of the hole after your brilliant hole-in-one!

With these ideas plus the ones you’ve already had in your mind, you’ll be sure to find some great golf gifts to chase away the winter blues for your golfing friend. There are plenty more ideas in each of these categories, so hop on the web or go to your favourite golf shop and start searching. Your golfing buddy will love you for taking the time to find a meaningful gift, so specific to his style and interests.

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