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Practical Gifts Fit For A Princess

Practical Gifts Fit For A Princess

Little girls are wonderful things; they bring a sparkle to your eye and a smile to your face. You would do anything for her whether she is a daughter, grand-daughter, niece or sister. You love nothing more than a hug and a giggle from the little bundle of pink clothing and curls and when her ever important birthday or Christmas comes around, she expects only the best.

Most children especially organised little ladies will have a very clear idea in advance of what they want as gifts for that special occasion. For those of us paying attention, heavy hints will be dropped in the advent to Christmas or birthdays, if not an outright request for a certain present. Some will even go as far as to prepare a list. Yes we all know what it’s like to intercept a letter addressed to the North Pole and breathe a sigh of relief at being specifically guided towards which toys our little angel’s desire.

However that relief can be punctured upon opening the letter and reading the words “Disneyland” or “Pony.” The obvious solution is to write a kind but apologetic letter from Mr. Claus explaining his lack of said gifts this year. That leaves us with the world of pink and plastic; fairies, Barbie, Cindy, baby dolls, plush toys and more. All these gifts are standard fare for most little girls, but unfortunately too many of these and many are money down the drain. The average child has few favourite toys that stand the test of time so piling up the dolls is often a waste of money.

When choosing gifts for her, you ideally want that gift to be used but also appreciated. This is a difficult one to achieve with kids as they do tend to be brutally honest, bless them! One great option is a pink sun jar. This little jar placed at your princess’s bedroom window during daylight hours, stores up solar energy and converts it to a pink glow at night fall. Not only is this an educational and pretty gift, but it doubles as a beautiful night light.

Another option is a personalised gift such as a pencil case encasing pens and pencils emblazoned with your little girl’s name. Now who’s the most popular kid in the playground?

All little girls love to dress up but as they are too young to prance around in make-up and adult clothing why not treat them to a little something grown up with the gift of jewellery. Little bangles and bracelets are always good gift options and are safer than earrings and necklaces. These wrist adornments can be engraved with your own personal message and can be lengthened as she grows up so she can treasure this precious gift for years to come.

Little girls do indeed love their toys but let’s remember how fast they grow up. You could choose to give them gifts that will truly stand the test of time and perhaps be passed on to their own little angels in the future. By browsing online you can find a wealth of gifts for her that will make you stand out as one of the best gift givers of all time!