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How To Send Gifts On Facebook

How To Send Gifts On Facebook

Facebook has been the avenue for a lot of things these days. Truly the leading social network in the world right now, it expanded its horizons as not only a site to meet and greet old and new friends. It also offers various social applications and games to keep anybody busy during their free time. And in the midst of this, Facebook has found a new way of getting into the holiday spirit through its new application: the Christmas E-Gifts.

Facebook users will be happy to know that even through their favorite social site, they can show their friends that they do care this Christmas. It isn’t possible that you can get all your friends gifts this season. Not only will that be exuberantly expensive on anyone’s part, but also quite unrealistic to do as well. So rather than bothering yourself thinking about what solitary gift to give to all the people you know, go with Christmas gifts through Facebook.

This Facebook application is just like any other one that you can find in the network. You need to do some tasks to further advance the kinds of gifts that you can give away. But unlike other games and applications where you have to plant trees or cook food to earn credits, you will be tasked to answer surveys and questionnaires instead. And for the more special items, you will need to pay real cash through PayPal if you wish to unlock them.

Once you have your gifts, sending them is relatively easy. Upon opening the page, you will see the various images of gifts to choose from. After choosing, you can just click the send button and a list of your friends in Facebook will appear. Choose which ones you want to give the gift to then click send. In case you haven’t unlocked your chosen gift yet, then you need to purchase it first either through the credits or through coins that you get through PayPal. Other notable options that you will see in the homepage are the Received gifts, Sent Gifts and Get Coins.

This application is a great way of promoting interaction between you and the people that are on your friends list. Let them join in on the fun through the Invite Friends button so that you can also receive gifts from them. Even after the season has ended, you can still use this application to give Facebook gifts to your friends, as they offer other types of seasonal presents for you to give away.