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Eco-Friendly Fashion Trends

Eco-Friendly Fashion Trends

Being green is in from housing to now fashion, eco-friendly living is making a huge impression. Recently, companies have been making a huge effort to create eco-friendly products and an equally huge effort to market the fact that they are doing so. Thus, it is now becoming easier and easier to care about your environment, here are some fashion trends that are sure to have a low impact on your mother earth.

You would have to have lived in a cave over the past decade not to know that solar and the environment are some of the most pressing issues in our world today. Well a company called Costume National’s has come out with a product that is a purse with solar panels built in. Completely self sustained the solar panels on this purse allows its user to connect their gadgets to the USB outlets attached to them making it easy to avoid electrical outlets.

Many shoe designers are also making what are known as vegan shoes or non leather to be more specific. These shoes are created from all manmade materials such as wood grain and rubber. While they may sound too earthy for you, they actually do look like leather and not cardboard.

Many companies are also taking their product lines a step further and have introduced reusable shopping bags. These bags are often made out of canvas and are roomy enough to actually grocery shop with. Many stores have also created hot designs for the front that are making them fashion accessories as well.

Another eco-friendly fashion trend that is becoming increasingly popular is bamboo cotton. While these items can be a bit on the pricey side they are softer than anything you have ever felt. Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass and is more sustainable than most other textile fabrics. It is also light, strong, is mostly antibacterial and has excellent wicking properties.

One last trend to look out for is hemp fabric. Hemp is earth’s most beneficial agricultural crop and has being used to provide humans with all of their basic needs from food to clothing to shelter and medicine. Hemp clothing though has some awesome characteristics; they are warm as well as soft and reasonably priced as compared to bamboo fabric. Some say that hemp garments are style, comfort and environmental awareness all in one garment.

So whether you are looking for a purse, a hat, a t-shirt or a wedding gown there is an eco-friendly designer who has already met your needs. And make sure you are keeping your eye out because this trend is just getting started!